Morning Pages

I hate to use the word because it seems like every millennial these days says they struggle with it, but I’ve been struggling with anxiety lately. My life has felt a little out of control and I have some big decisions to make so things have not been sitting well with me.

I’m trying to tackle the out of control part by doubling down on GTD and committing to staying committed to writing everything down. Hopefully, having a reliable and reviewed place to see everything I need to do will help me feel a little more in control. I tend to have a constant fear of forgetting things.

To deal with the big decisions part of things, I’m giving morning pages a try. I did it for the first time tonight, which I know is actually night pages, but I figure it was better to start than not at all. I have to say, it felt really good to just word vomit onto the paper without fear of judgment. Everyone says that it’s better to handwrite than it is to type and while I was a little skeptical, I have to agree. I definitely connected with the task more than if I had been typing the whole thing. It also gave my brain more time to churn. I was also a little worried about having enough to write, but the words flowed easily once I got started.

I’m excited to give morning pages a try in the hope that it brings some mental peace and some clarity to my life. People say it has changed their life so I will give it a try and report back.